Serena Spa, a new relaxation experience in Crowne Plaza Barcelona.

We have reasons to celebrate in Crowne Plaza Barcelona!

We can now say out loud and proud that we finally have one of the best spa services of the continent: the Serena Spa, by Heaven on Earth.

You might be thinking that we’re exaggerating, but not at all! In Crowne Plaza Barcelona we officially have the second Serena Spa across Europe. A luxury spa brand that belongs to the brand Heaven on Earth, with a high international presence and consideration especially in Asian countries such as Singapore, Seychelles or the Maldives.

The Serena Spa is a new spa concept based in Indian and Eastern treatments, places where the massage tradition and the study of the body’s wellbeing have been grown for thousands of years. Harmony, balance and rest are a priority and therefore the experience we offer our clients is based on relax, pleasure, peace and disconnection.

One of the most relevant and differentiating attributes that we have at the Serena Spa is that all treatments use 100% natural, chemical-free and cruelty-free products, values that faithfully meet our philosophy at Crowne Plaza Barcelona.

We offer essential oils with different fragrances to let our clients choose the smell and treatment they prefer, all surrounded by an intimate, warm, relaxed and minimalistic environment.

Aside from personal care and the constant search of relaxation and balance between body and mind, one of the main characteristics that we have at the Serena Spa is that we offer a unique massage in Spain: the Marma Body, a massage technique that requires of a very specific and specialized professional training.

The Marma Body focuses on 109 points across our body that correspond to nerve endings and that will work to achieve a profound relaxation of our entire body through these points.

Furthermore, the Marma Body at the Serena Spa in Crowne Plaza Barcelona we also offer other treatments to our customers: from beauty treatments or anti-stress massages to rejuvenation, aromatherapy, exfoliation or relaxation treatments among others.

One of the main goals at Serena Spa together with Crowne Plaza Barcelona is to promote a healthy lifestyle, looking for balance between the body and mind through good habits: a healthy and balanced diet, appropriate rest, meditation, exercise, and in conclusion taking care of ourselves as priority factors. For this reason at the Serena Spa we offer not only a gym but also a hydrotherapy pool with a waterfall, water beds, swan’s neck fountains and a cold water area. Clients can also find a steam bath, sauna, caldarium, multi-sensory showers and a pediluvium.


The new Serena Spa at Crowne Plaza Barcelona is the ideal place to relax in Barcelona. Because dedicating time to ourselves, taking care of ourselves and disconnecting is necessary. Because you deserve it.

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