Different destinations for an unpredictable year

Routine is surely the worst enemy of our time. In other posts in this blog we have given you ideas to make your day to day more fun and entertaining, but today we want to cross a few borders. We want to propose that you give yourself the opportunity to live real adventures, far from the comfort of your home, your city and your country, in places and cities that everyone should visit at some time in life.


We have prepared you a list of different places to know, which are not necessarily difficult to access, but which guarantee incredible experiences.


Crater Lake, Oregon, USA

On the west coast of the United States, in Oregon, you can enjoy nature as in few other parts of the world. One of the must-see destinations if one day you pass through this wonderful state is Crater Lake, a lake located in a crater whose water is a blue that is impossible to describe with words.


Ubud, Indonesia

Ubud is one of Asia’s premier spa destinations, the perfect place to try the famous Balinese massages. But it is also the cultural and artistic center of Bali, and in it there are endless museums and galleries. Relaxation and culture in equal parts.


Island of Samothraki, Greece

More well-known in Spain as the island of Samotracia, this small island located in the north of the Aegean sea – very near of Turkey – is a different corner of Greece, an island that has nothing to do with the Cyclades. The peace that is breathed in Samothraki will make you consider many things of your day to day.


Ljubljana, Slovenia

Known by many as a «little Prague», Ljubljana is surely the great unknown of the European capitals and there is much to discover, such as its Castle and the Cathedral of St. Nicholas. A perfect city to escape at any holiday in 2017.


Playa Blanca, New Mexico, USA

Dunes made of gypsum crystals. That’s what you find 25 km southwest of Alamogordo, at more than 2000 meters above sea level, in New Mexico, in the southern US. A unique natural spectacle in the world.


Goa, India

If you are traveling in India and want a few days of sun and beach, Goa is the ideal destination. Located on the west coast, about 400 km south of Bombay, it also houses magnificent churches and convents which have been declared World Heritage Sites by Unesco since 1986.


Or maybe, at the end, you do not go to any of these places, but we’ve got you to remember all the trips you have pending. Go anywhere you want, but make 2018 an unforgettable year!

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