4 apps to make your life easier

«I get up, take the kids to school, go to the office, drop by the supermarket on the way home, collect the laundry I put out to dry yesterday, have dinner, do the dishes and fall asleep on the sofa reading the same chapter for the fifth time. I get up, take the kids to school…»

We know we’re not telling you anything new by stating that daily routines can be exhausting. What may not be so familiar to you, however, is the slow movement, a cultural trend that encourages us to cut back on our frenetic lifestyle and take time out to relish everyday activities like going for a walk, eating or socialising.

But let’s get to the point, since we don’t have all day. What we wanted to talk about today specifically concerns 4 apps that have joined the slow movement and are designed to make your life easier:


  • There’s no denying that grocery shopping is a very personal thing. Wouldn’t you trust a mother who’s been doing it forever, though? Well, that’s exactly what Deliberry is all about. All you have to do is place your order on your mobile and in less than an hour you’ll have your groceries on your doorstep, with the brands and fresh produce you asked for, all selected by a shopping mum.
  • Everyone has their little obsessions, but one of the least exciting household chores has to be doing the laundry (and of course drying, ironing, and folding it…) That’s the idea behind Washrocks, a new take on doing the laundry: it picks up your stuff at home and brings it back squeaky clean a day or two later. A fast, clean job.
  • Whatever you want, wherever you want it, all in less than an hour: that’s the idea behind Glovo. This app will bring whatever you want right to your home or office: anything from noodles or chocolate to a bouquet of flowers or a set of coloured pencils. That way you can save time and concentrate on doing whatever you enjoy doing when you’re not busy running errands.
  • Ever noticed how brilliant we are at avoiding any kind of cleaning work? Funny how we can think of a million better things to do than rolling up our sleeves and grabbing a broom. Well, now you can think about everything and anything under the sun if you order a cleaning service called Clintu that lets you give free rein to your endless cleaning-free creativity.

And if what you’re hankering for is some nice, slow time out to unwind and pamper yourself, the Crowne Plaza Barcelona has everything you need to relax and recharge your batteries.

So join the slow movement as fast as you possibly can! Life becomes easier when we tone down the pace a little.

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