Crowne Plaza Barcelona, a committed hotel

Those of you who know us are aware we strive to make your stay here at the Crowne Plaza as comfortable, relaxing and peaceful as possible. What you might not know is that we also devote part of our time to social and environmental causes and when you stay at the Crowne Plaza Barcelona, you too are helping to further all these initiatives.

Ever since we opened our doors, we have sought to be different by being committed to our milieu and to a collective social awareness. That is why we regularly help out in the struggle against various forms of social injustice, and why we take pride in being an eco-friendly hotel.

What kind of causes do we work with?

Our El Mall restaurant has taken part in many food-collection drives and other initiatives to prevent child malnutrition. Acting in collaboration with “Restaurants against Hunger”, we recently added a new dish to our menu and are setting aside part of the proceeds from it to Action against Hunger. Every Monday we also work with ALPAN (Food for the Needy), a Rotary Club project that donates food to soup kitchens.

We’ve also taken part in other projects to ensure food is not wasted, such as Nutrition Without Borders’ “BCN Shares Food” programme, whereby we donate the hotel’s food leftovers to soup kitchens. Another initiative is La fam no fa vacances (Hunger doesn’t go on holiday) in which last year, acting in conjunction with @Fira Barcelona, we collected a total of 175 kg of food with the help of the hotel’s entire staff.

In addition to those food-collection initiatives, last 11th November the Crowne Plaza Barcelona hosted the Esclat 2016 Solidarity Dinner, the proceeds of which went to Esclat’s Association for People with Cerebral Palsy. We have also joined forces with the “IHG Shelter in a Storm” programme, which organised a cycling and walking tour of Montjuic to aid efforts to address the effects of environmental disasters. Walking a little farther, a team of Crowne Plaza employees played their part for the Oxfam Trailwalker drive, held in Girona in 2015. We are also involved in many other solidarity projects too numerous to mention in a single blog post.

The sustainable management of the Crowne Plaza Barcelona is another of our major concerns. That is why, thanks to the InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) Green Engage programme, all our facilities are designed and managed following sustainability parameters, which enable us to track the environmental impact of our activities down to the last detail.

In short, at the Crowne Plaza Barcelona we believe small actions generate great changes, and we strive to help as much as we can to make this world fairer and more sustainable.

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