At Crowne Plaza Barcelona we believe in a better world. Which is why we have brought to you the different iniciatives and projects that year after year we collaborate in!

Crowne Plaza Barcelona isn’t just a hotel in the Condal City. It is also a firm that throughout the year supports different actions based on social, cultural and sustainable values to look after the world that surrounds us. Here are some of our initiatives that took place during 2017!

These projects are carried out throughout the whole year as we firmly believe that by playing a small part we will together achieve important changes in the environment and our society. The list is long, so let’s go for it!


What social actions have we carried out at Crowne Plaza Barcelona?

Regarding social activities, we focus mainly in projects to fight hunger and dehydration.

Crowne Plaza Barcelona received the Rotary Club certificate for having donated 2.350 solidary menus throughout 2016 under the initiative “Alimentos para Necesitados” – A.L.P.A.N (Foods for Needed) who also belongs to the club. Furthermor,e we collaborated with the catalan initiative “La Fam no fa vacances” (Hunger doesn’t get holidays), where we collected 175kg of food to help the most needed during the summer. “BCN Comparteix el menjar” (Barcelona shares their food) belongs to Nutrició sense Fronteres, another initiative in which we participated by providing hotel meals to social dinings.

We also participated with “Restaurantes contra el hambre” (Restaurants against hunger), a solidary initiative by “Acción contra el hambre” (Action against hunger) together with the Spanish Hostelry Federation, fighting against childhood malnutrition. Crowne Plaza joined the Project by providing 2€ per each dish consumed at the hotel’s restaurant El Mall.

Oxfam Intermon Trailwalker in Girona: for the second year in a row, part of Crowne Plaza Barcelona’s team joined this 100km trailwalk collecting more than 1.500€ to donate to this organization. An action put together for women and girls that each day have to walk for hours in the search of safe drinking water. We also cooperated with the program “IHG shelter in a storm” by IHG in an organized “Nordic Hike” in Montjuïc, to support the fight against the effects of natural disasters.

oxfam-crowne-plaza-barcelonaIntermón Oxfam Trailwalker

igh-crowne-plaza-barcelonaIHG Foundation – Nordic Hike


All of this without forgetting about the toiletries that each of our rooms has, all of which are 100% fair trade.


How about cultural initiatives?

During Christmas a big part of Crowne Plaza Barcelona’s team donated their gift sets to the neighbourhood of Poble Sec, to a catalan NGO “Bona Voluntat en Acció” (Good Will in Action) which works to erradicate poverty in the fourth world. Aside from that we also gave toys to the little ones of this same area, because Santa doesn’t forget about them! We collaborated with this organization in another project “Hotel Tapa Tour”, where they organized a tapas tour and all money went directly to the cause.

lotes-navidad-cpbDonation of Crowne Plaza Barcelona’s staff gift sets

regalos-navidad-crowne-plaza-barcelonaToys for children in need in the neighbourhood of Poble Sec


The “Interhotel Games” are Charity Olympics where several 4 and 5 star hotels participate to collect funds. This 2017 the money was destined to “Nutrición sin Fronteras” (Nutrition without borders) and their project “Barcelona comparteix el menjar” (Barcelona shares their food).

Crowne Plaza Barcelona was the main sponsor at their charity event “Cena Solidaria Esclat”, a charity dinner where all funds were destined to professional integration and personal development of people with cerebral paralysis.

Regarding the big screen, Crowne Plaza Fira-Center also collaborated with the 4th Edition of the Asian Cinema Festival in Barcelona, organized by Casa Asia, who gave out a honorary prize to the movie “Redha” for the treatment and sensibility towards autism. Related to this illness, to celebrate the International Day of Awareness about Autism we illuminated our main façade in blue and joined the campaign #ConnectatAlBlau (#connectedtoblue).

Furthermore, our El Mall restaurant participated in the latest version of the Barcelona Restaurant Week with an elaborated tasting menu. Included in the price was a solidary euro which was then destined to ”Menudos Corazones Foundation», a music therapy project for pediatric ICU’s.


In terms of energetic efficiency and sustainability, what have you done?

tesla-crowne-plaza-barcelonaTesla chargers for electric cars


We obtained the IHG Green Engage Level 1 Certificate, which means that all of our hotel’s facilities are designed under sustainable parameters and accredits us for one of the best practices in matters of saving energy and costs.

We also received the Quality Ecoleader Certificate Platinum Level by TripAdvisor that promotes the reutilization of bedding and towels, the use of energy-efficient bulbs throughout the hotel, a cautious control of the use of A/C and heaters, recycling… among many other aspects.

As in the tourism of Barcelona, we also contributed with our grain of sand by participating in the initiative “Barcelona Sustainable Tourism” where different projects are carried out related to sustainability, environmental and socio-economical matters surrounding the city’s tourism.

Our latest news regarding energy efficiency is that since last October we have added in our hotel two Tesla chargers, the number one company in premium electric cars, which are free to use and completely compatible with any electric vehicle from hotel’ guests.


As you can see this is a summary of the actions that we have been contributing with at Crowne Plaza Barcelona throughout 2017, and there will still be more. Most important of all, we are determined to keep on participating in solidary actions that fight for social causes, equality, the environment and culture, as we strongly believe in our values and the kind of world we want to be living in.

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Black Friday 2017: get ahead of all the Christmas shopping and benefit with these tricks!

If this upcoming Christmas you’d love to save some money and avoid the hassle of late Christmas shopping, you should mark on your calendar the 24th of November. And if you’re asking yourself why…it’s because Black Friday will be here!

This day began to be celebrated in the USA during the 1960’s, exactly the day before of Thanksgiving and a bit earlier than Christmas. Slowly it began to expand worldwide until nowadays it has become one of the most comercial days of the year with the best discount offers.

That is precisely why it is a day designed to catch the best offers and plan ahead your Christmas shopping, not only get what you’re looking for, but also get the best deal!

Therefore, how can we make the best of this day and benefit from those deals before the Christmas celebrations? Here are some of our tips that will definitely help you out:

  • Make a list and write down what you’re looking for: a few days before (or months), make a list with all those gadgets you want to buy and pin down those stores or websites that have them. Also, have a look at their prices and write that down…it wouldn’t be the first time that the previous days to Black Friday some stores take advantage and increase their prices so that when the day comes, they are selling at the original Price with what users believe is a “discount”.
  • Shop online: take your time previously to search online for what you’re looking and add it to your shopping cart so that the purchase can be made quicker. To ensure that you can do this, sign up on each online shop so it’ll be easier for you. And don’t forget about adding any discount codes!
  • Be careful with your credit card: even online shopping one may find that there are thieves online who create fake online stores to get your card information and steal. Also, bear in mind your connection and try to avoid using public Wi-Fi, as there is more chance that phising can occur.
  • Compare between brands: we are pretty sure that by doing a previous comparison you’ll already see different prices between brands.
  • Dress comfortably and wake up early: even though many of Black Friday’s deals are online, there are also many shops in the streets that join on this day. If you prefer to shop in person, make sure you wear some comfortable shoes and head to the stores during the time when less people go (working hours, lunch time…).
  • Pay attention to the return policies: it could happen that with the excitement of shopping you may not look previously at the shopping and return policies of that product. Take a close look! Sometimes with good deals you don’t have the chance to give it back or simply change it for another product… therefore think carefully before buying if it’s worth it or not.


With all this information and your intuition we’re pretty sure that this Christmas you’ll manage to make all your loved ones happy with some cool presents at the best price!

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The best jokes for surviving after-dinner chitchat

Christmas… the time of year when we stay at home, spend time with our family, do good deeds, and, let’s face it, try to survive the after-dinner banter at the table. There are all kinds of after-dinner conversations: noisy, boring, absurd, tense… but they all share one thing: they’re never-ending.

So, to help you survive the after-dinner chitchat common to this season, we’ve come up with a list of jokes that may help to tone down the atmosphere and make your loved ones chortle:

For starters, here are some one-liners to break the ice with:


– My brother’s been riding a bike since he was 3.

– Wow, he must have gone pretty far by now!


– Me and Carlos were going to…

– No son… “Carlos and I were going”

– How do you mean? What happened to me then?


A man goes to visit a seer and knocks on the door:

– Knock knock.

– Who is it?

– Not much of a seer, are you?


Since it’s dinner time, here’s this one: “How does Batman’s mother call him to dinner? [To the tune of 1960’s theme] Dinner dinner dinner dinner dinner dinner dinner dinner Batman!!!”.

Or we can resort to the classic jokes that begin with the famous, “Do you know the one about…?” Here’s one we like:

”Do you know the one about two guys sitting around and one says to the other: -Do you know what the people of San Sebastian are called?” -“Well, not all of them, no…”

And on a final note, here’s another classic that’s particularly apt for when you’re going to visit your in-laws for the first time on Christmas Eve: “


– Hi, how are you? Nervous?

– Yes, a little…
– Is this your first time?
– No, I’ve been nervous before…”


As we know, at all family gatherings there’s always someone who starts telling jokes, most of them terrible. So our advice is that you start telling your jokes first: with a bit of luck you’ll impress the family jokester and he won’t dare start telling his own. And if you’re not big on jokes, you’d better start practising your fake laughter…


We’ll leave you so you can start working on your jokes. Or your fake laugh.


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Tricks for pretending you like a present when you don’t

Everyone spends Christmas in their own way. Some prefer family gatherings, others run from any kind of commitment, and still others seek the warmth of the southern hemisphere, or would rather swap quiet meals at their grandmother’s for an adventure on the other side of the world.


But there’s one thing nobody can avoid: every Christmas we all receive a present we don’t like. Those really kitsch or weird gifts that leave us speechless or lead to rather uncomfortable situations. To avoid those moments, Crowne Plaza Barcelona has drawn up a list of ways to pretend you like such gifts:


  • The trick that provides the best results is to have a few comments up your sleeve. And to rehearse them beforehand, so as to utter them with the required enthusiasm:

– “Why, I was looking for individual place mats on the Internet just the other day!”


– “I can’t believe it! How could you possibly have guessed I needed coffee mugs with photos of kittens on them?

  • Of course you can always resort to a loud guffaw, followed by a “Nice one!” which is what our grandparents’ generation used to do.
  •  Sometimes you don’t even need to open your mouth. If we just look at the person who gave us the present lovingly after opening it, smile and give them a hug, we will have overcome that awkward little moment in style.
  • Another old trick is to pass the buck and let someone else do the talking. Once you’ve opened the present, you turn to your nearest relative and ask them, with a broad smile, “How about this then?”
  • And for those of you who want to do humanity a favour by helping put an end to that incomprehensible habit of gifting flannel pyjamas with teddy bears all over them, if that’s what you’re given, we recommend that you try them on right then and there. With a bit of luck they’ll stop giving us the blasted things once they see what we look like with them on.


And if none of those tricks work, you can always drop by the Crowne Plaza for a relaxing time at The White Wellness or to sip a leisurely cocktail at our Scrupples Bar: anything and everything you need to calm your nerves is right here at the Crowne Plaza Barcelona.


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