We just completed the whole reform of our rooms, incorporating LED technology in all of them, one of the latest technology lightning system in our Verdi room, and the installation of a Videowall that can be used by our customers for showing and promoting their presentations.

In Crowne Plaza Barcelona we are really committed with quality and continuous improvement. For this same reason, we have reformed all of our rooms in order to warrantee the success of any event, always accompanied by an attentive service. 

We have 18 partitioned rooms, with space from 10 to 1000 assistants and an indoor garden to make your event even more special. All of them are soundproofed and equipped with audio-visual material. We have recently incorporated LED technology to all of the rooms, a last technology lightning system in our Verdi room, which can make your event even more personalized, and our last feature, a Videowall where everything happening in our hotel can be seen. 

Furthermore than the ideal structures for any event, Crowne Plaza Barcelona has a team of professional experts with a great experience, specialized in the organisation of events in Barcelona’s city centre, and also in banquets and meetings.

From now on, we still offer the same warranty of quality with an improved and adaptable space, ready for any celebration.