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Healthy Menu "Love Yourself"

"Love Yourself”. This is the emblem of our healthy menu at the restaurant El Mall. Because at Crowne Plaza Barcelona we give great importance on taking care and dedicating time to oneslef, paying attention to our body. Through this idea, our chef Juan Sánchez and the kitchen team has carefully devised a proposal for you to eat marvelously and healthily, giving your body the food it needs but cooked with care and taste.

The menu includes nutritious food such as quinoa, vegetables, fish or meat. Always giving them a last and careful touch, adding flavor details, to offer the palate a delicious and balanced gastronomic experience, with quality ingredients and tasty complements with interesting textures.

Because at El Mall we know that treating oneself well has repercussions on well-being and that the demands of our day-to-day need rewards. 

If you look after yourself, you will feel it!


Healthy Menu "Love Yourself"


Pumpkin cream with its seeds and beetroot

Quinoa salad with orange wedges, tofu with sesame and red berries

Grilled vegetables with romescu sauce


Bayaldi of vegetables with steamed hake in fennel infusion

Loin of corvina to the pan with chives candied to the saffron

Oriental style turkey breast stuffed with shitake and soy sprouts


Fresh fruit salad with mint gel

Healthy cheese cake

Coconut and cinnamon cream with orange crumble

Water, fruit Juice, Coffee or infusion

25 € pp