Tricks for pretending you like a present when you don’t

Everyone spends Christmas in their own way. Some prefer family gatherings, others run from any kind of commitment, and still others seek the warmth of the southern hemisphere, or would rather swap quiet meals at their grandmother’s for an adventure on the other side of the world.


But there’s one thing nobody can avoid: every Christmas we all receive a present we don’t like. Those really kitsch or weird gifts that leave us speechless or lead to rather uncomfortable situations. To avoid those moments, Crowne Plaza Barcelona has drawn up a list of ways to pretend you like such gifts:


  • The trick that provides the best results is to have a few comments up your sleeve. And to rehearse them beforehand, so as to utter them with the required enthusiasm:

– “Why, I was looking for individual place mats on the Internet just the other day!”


– “I can’t believe it! How could you possibly have guessed I needed coffee mugs with photos of kittens on them?

  • Of course you can always resort to a loud guffaw, followed by a “Nice one!” which is what our grandparents’ generation used to do.
  •  Sometimes you don’t even need to open your mouth. If we just look at the person who gave us the present lovingly after opening it, smile and give them a hug, we will have overcome that awkward little moment in style.
  • Another old trick is to pass the buck and let someone else do the talking. Once you’ve opened the present, you turn to your nearest relative and ask them, with a broad smile, “How about this then?”
  • And for those of you who want to do humanity a favour by helping put an end to that incomprehensible habit of gifting flannel pyjamas with teddy bears all over them, if that’s what you’re given, we recommend that you try them on right then and there. With a bit of luck they’ll stop giving us the blasted things once they see what we look like with them on.


And if none of those tricks work, you can always drop by the Crowne Plaza for a relaxing time at The White Wellness or to sip a leisurely cocktail at our Scrupples Bar: anything and everything you need to calm your nerves is right here at the Crowne Plaza Barcelona.


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