Summer is all about attitude

Going back to office hours, traffic jams, diets, having to face your boss or the neighbour’s gossip… Does it always have to be like that, or can coming back from holidays be a chance to start over?

At the Crowne Plaza Barcelona we believe summer is an attitude, so we want your return to be full of opportunities for you to keep that summer smile even when there’s no sunshine.

Here are some ideas to make sure that no matter what, you’ll find the inspiration you need to feel like you’re still on holiday, even if only for a while:

  • Get spruced up for a sophisticated evening out at the Bar Scrupples: You don’t need an excuse to put your best togs on and step out wearing a sophisticated attitude too. With friends, your partner… it’s up to you as long as you do away with your routine!
  • Get yourself a gleaming white bath robe like the ones you find in hotels: What could be better than wrapping yourself up in a soft white hotel bath robe? A simple detail like that can make you feel like a million dollars, so don’t hesitate to get yourself one and relive your “hotel moment” at home!
  • Make a dash for the nearest spa: It doesn’t take much time and you don’t have to go far to feel you’re getting away from it all –a visit to a spa brings back that summer vibe as soon as you step into it. What do we recommend? At our The White Wellness spa you won’t have to wait for the holidays to feel like you’re taking a break.
  • Summer’s over, but the beach is still there: If summer is an attitude, the beach is the perfect place to bring it on. It doesn’t matter if the temperature’s not ideal; you can still enjoy the beach and a lot more! Take your mat and do some yoga, go for a romantic stroll, let the waves mesmerise you… Visit a beach you’ve never been to, like some of our own favourites: Platja dels Muntanyans (Torredembarra) for instance, or the Playa de las Rocas Blancas (Sant Pol de Mar).
  • Go shopping as though you were on holiday: Your local supermarket isn’t going anywhere, so why not do some shopping somewhere where apart from finding fresh, quality goods you’ll be in for new sights and flavours too? The Mercado de l’Abaceria (Gracia) or the Obbio organic supermarket are a couple of good options.

Join the Crowne Plaza Barcelona’s summer attitude, relax and let yourself be surprised. Keep trying new things, and give yourself a treat too. If summer makes us happy, why let it end so soon?

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